Everyone loves donuts!

Only freshly baked Crypto Donut Donation!
NFT Crypto Donut Donation give an opportunity to start an
exciting journey in the world of NFT and give real help to
young children in need!

The first 100 donuts by 0 MATIC!

1st wave 0-3333

5 MATIC (early adopters bonus)

2st wave 3333-6666


3st wave 6666-10000


10 000 unique donuts!


Crypto Donut Donation is 10,000 unique creations, programmatically generated by code, from more than 100+ species random dough, icing, fillings and sprinkles. Crypto Donut Donation live on the Polygon network compatible with Ethereum.

We are not just an NFT product. We strive to focus on the future development of our CDD and build a strong creative community.



The idea of CDD is that thanks to a low start, to enable anyone to become part of the unique world of NFT!
We have many interesting partnerships and plans in discussion.
Join our community and invite your loved ones, we will develop over time, always to the best, with ideas and community help!
Donut Donation wants to help young children who live without parents!
30% of sales and 10% of resales will be donated to an international Charitable Foundation.
We will monitor how funds are distributed and provide full reports in the community.
Help children with Donut Donations!
We have for you some merch and giveaways, plenty of suprises and gifts.
Our artists and developers are already working on the following cool projects.
All CDD holders will participate in regular style airdrops and we will also think of some innovative ways to do fun events to make them more engaging and exciting!
We want great development and give joy to our followers.
Most of the funds from CDD sales will be used to finance the project for its future development.
Donut Donation really wants to develop NFC.
You can give a CDD to your friends and family. It will be a unique and interesting gift.
• Write to us after purchasing your NFT and we will give you our company certificate and instructions.
On February, our pre-sale of 3 333 fresh donuts for 5 MATIK will begin.
The next 3 333 donuts will be sold for 15 MATIK.
The remaining 3 334 donuts will be sold for 30 MATIK.
You will have 24 hours to mint the CDD
Here are the steps on what you need to do to get your DONUT NFT.
  • Download the extension on your browser
  • Purchase MATIC from various exchanges, such as Coinbase or Binance
  • Send MATIC from this exchange to your MetaMask wallet
  • On launch day, open the website
  • Click “MINT” button, Metamask will popup asking for connection and select the number of NFTs you wish to mint
  • Confirm the transaction and any associated fees
  • Once you have made your purchase, your NFTs will appear in your wallet and on OpenSea

Become a part of the NFT universe


International Charitable Foundation


Giveaways & Airdrops & Merch


60% Back Into the Project


Surprise your loved ones


When will DONUT DONATION launch?


How to buy


Prepare to embark on your own unique Donut Donation adventure. Here you will find an outline for what we have prepared for those who would like to join our journey.
Please stay tuned as we will regularly update our roadmap with new and exciting projects for you to enjoy.

Giveaway in the community

Follow our Twitter and Discord and give us a thumbs up, we will prank and encourage our subscribers!
MATIC and CDD will be drawn among the random lucky ones!

Big Donut Brand

We have prepared cool things for prizes and sales (all funds from sales will go to CDD development), such as merch - physical collectibles - comics - animated series.
To further expand the Donut Donation brand.

Charitable Foundation

Donat together with you will help young children who live without parents!
30% of sales and all percentages from resale will be transferred to the international charitable foundation. We will monitor how funds are distributed and provide full reports to the community.

Free access to the following collections

We are already working on the coolest collection! Stay tuned, as we will bring even more exciting benefits to our members in the near future!

CDD is a rocket in NFT

Crypto Donut Donation are part of a larger project, and therein lies a truly interesting roadmap.
It will evolve over time, always for the better, with ideas and help from the community, and unfolds little by little, creating an element of surprise.
You are waiting for incredible collections of NFT, a blockchain game based on the principle of "play-to-earn", sweepstakes and much more!
Owning a CDD is your ticket!


Sweepstakes and special discounts for CDD holders. Funds from the sale of items will go to the development of the brand and 10% will always be allocated to charity!



A team of developers, blockchain specialists and designers are working on CDD. We are joining the world of NFT, which we believe will be the future.

Aleks Kiper

The founder. Web3 developer

Julia Mini

Marketing expert. SMM handler


2d and 3d artist